Author: Nicholas Shaxson

Blog: The problems with measuring tax systems

by Nicholas Shaxson

In the past few years there have been several efforts to understand and even measure ‘spillovers’ – that is, how one state’s tax or legal system can transmit damage to other states’ tax or legal systems.  Perhaps the best known of these efforts is the Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy [...]

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Blog: The New Agenda for Tax Reform

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have created a world of very rich elites and very remote elites, where the top one per cent now control half of global wealth – 85 families own more than three billion of the world’s people – while public life has been drained of politics and the […]

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Video: Professor Richard Murphy – Tax and Inclusive Growth

Liam Byrne MP interviews Professor Richard Murphy on tax avoidance and tax spillover for the APPG on Inclusive Growth.

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Blog: Putting tax at the heart of the inclusive growth debate

Last night’s discussion, co-organised by the APPG, SPERI and Oxfam, was in response to growing concerns from major NGOs like Oxfam, international organisations and governments about ‘tax spillover’ effects – how one country’s tax policy impacts another country’s tax base, tax policy and [...]

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Blog: Re-framing Tax Spillover

Tax continues to fascinate the media, politicians and international political economists. In that approximate order there is also an increasing demand for data to support action on what many think to be tax abuse. Much of that demand relates to specific abuses of tax systems, whether by tax [...]

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