The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth brings together reformers across politics, business, trade unions, finance, churches, faith groups and civil society, to forge a new consensus on inclusive growth and identify the practical next steps for reform.

As disquiet about rising inequality grows, so does the urgency of finding a new model of inclusive growth that better benefits the majority and reconnects wealth creation with social justice.

The APPG seeks to lead the debate in the hope of finding a new kind of consensus. Through new research and thinking our aim is to pinpoint what needs to change and how.

The APPG was formed in July 2014. In January 2017 we launched a new partnership with the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI)Read why we launched our new the partnership.

Members of the APPG on Inclusive Growth are drawn from across the Houses of Parliament. Find out more about the officers of the APPG and our members. We also work with a wide range of leading cross-party think tanks, business and civil society organisations.

In 2017 we will focus on key issues where reform is urgently needed, both in the UK and internationally, including tax rules, industrial strategy, patient capital, corporate governance and business ethics.

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Latest Content

Blog: Skilling up the regions: Unlocking the UK’s productivity p

The current skills system is not delivering the skills that UK businesses or the economy needs. Skills shortages consistently top the list of concerns of business leaders in our annual Global CEO survey, while the lack of powers over skills is a concern for local leaders. This means a new model [...]

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Event: Industrial Strategy and Inclusive Growth

There is an emerging consensus about the central role industrial strategy should play in the UK economy – but how can we ensure all places benefit?

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Blog: The New Agenda for Tax Reform

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have created a world of very rich elites and very remote elites, where the top one per cent now control half of global wealth – 85 families own more than three billion of the world’s people – while public life has been drained of politics and the […]

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Video: Professor Richard Murphy – Tax and Inclusive Growth

Liam Byrne MP interviews Professor Richard Murphy on tax avoidance and tax spillover for the APPG on Inclusive Growth.

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