Reconnecting wealth creation and social justice

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth brings together reformers across politics, business, trade unions, finance, churches, faith groups and civil society, to forge a new consensus on inclusive growth and identify the practical next steps for reform.

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Interview with Dr Angus Armstrong – Inclusive Growth

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Latest Publication


This new report focuses on the growing concerns that we are locked into a global race to the bottom on tax, and proposes a new framework to measure ‘tax spillover’ effects.

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Blog: Why finance matters for inclusive growth

by David Pitt-Watson

Most people would agree that a successful modern economy, particularly one which promotes inclusive growth, requires an effective financial system.  But few stop to ask how we might measure efficacy. Indeed you will search, almost in vain, amongst the writings of economists to find a single one [...]

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Blog: The social economy is missing in strategies to create more inclusive growth

by Andrea Westall

We therefore need to also look at how we structure economic activity, whether to improve access to and create ‘decent jobs’, or to ensure that people share more fairly in the proceeds of ‘growth’. It was for this reason that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) funded a piece of work that I was [...]

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Blog: UK recovery now worse than after Great Depression

by Liam Byrne

The research confirmed that the path of the recession in 1929-31 followed a similar path to the crisis of 2008-09 but the recovery over the last ten years has been much slower. Ten years after the Wall Street financial crash, Britain had left the Gold Standard and, like today, pursued a policy [...]

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Blog: Community-led and collaborative models of growth are the cornerstone of an inclusive economy

by Nat Defriend

We want to return to what she said in 2016 to offer her three concrete ideas for what she should do to deliver on this critical agenda. 1) The Prime Minister talked in 2016 about combatting the entrenched advantages of the privileged few. She was right to do so. We know from our work in […]

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The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) is the APPG’s official partner and provides the secretariat support for the APPG. SPERI is a leading research institute based at the [...]

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