Author: Tony Payne

Blog: Don’t depoliticise inclusive growth!

by Tony Payne

That was the conclusion – both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time – that I drew at the end of a very interesting day spent in Glasgow two or three weeks ago as a delegate at what was described, with genuine national pride, as ‘Scotland’s Inclusive Growth Conference’.  It was highly [...]

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Building on the strengths of the West Midlands “We are enjoying something of a revival in the West Midlands.  The stats for the last 3 years show that productivity in the West Midlands – measured by GVA per head – has increased by 6.8%, nearly three times higher than the national average which [...]

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Blog: How the new industrial strategy can support left behind plac

Industrial strategy needs strong independent scrutiny “You can discern strands in today’s industrial strategy that have carried on from previous governments, but nonetheless there is still a sense that new ministers have a terrible tendency to bring to a premature end the things that previous [...]

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Blog: The industrial strategy must focus on the adoption of techno

“What do we need to do to create more inclusive growth? Fundamentally we need to raise wages. Then through the application of new technology – you can call it the 4th Industrial Revolution or apply other labels – can we raise productivity to support rising wages, and can we create more jobs [...]

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Blog: Britain has had a sustained industrial strategy now for almo

“We are told that the problem with industrial strategy is that it’s always chopping and changing. There have been interruptions – there was one for a few months after the Conservative government took office in 2015 where some progress was lost, but it is absolutely back on track with Greg [...]

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